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Safety Guidlines

  1. Use chain and padlock to prevent unauthorized use, or always store cart away from track.
  2. No one but the rider and a supervising adult should be on or near the roller coaster when in use.
  3. Use automobile grade lap safety belt on cart, attached through steel cart frame.
  4. Cart design shall include provision which will under no circumstances let riders feet or hands get near the wheels and track.
  5. Parental oversight is required at all times.
  6. Surround coaster track with a construction fence or at minimum, caution tape, far enough away to keep other children out of armís reach.
  7. No motorized lift hill, for safety, and to better ensure there is always adult supervision.
  8. Lift hill will have anti-rollback provisions to prohibit the cart from sliding down backwards, in case the adult slips.
  9. Certification of the roller coaster track and cart will be accomplished by dynamically testing with sandbags strapped to the cart. Sandbag weight shall exceed 1.5 times the maximum allowed rider weight. Certification testing will be repeated after any track or cart modifications, and at least once per year, in the spring, on a cool day.