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Backyard Roller Coasters : 3D Coasters is currently only available as a pdf download. Physical copies are unavailable at this time.

“While many backyard roller coasters look like poorly made weekend projects of questionable safety, Paul Gregg has proven that doesn’t always have to be the case. In Backyard Roller Coaster Research and Development, Paul documents the entire development process in detail, showing how each component of his roller coasters improve with each design iteration. A retired aerospace engineer who holds 29 US and foreign patents, two special invention awards, and was Boeing Aerospace Engineer of the Year in 1988, Paul uses his vast engineering experience to design and test his backyard roller coasters until he can prove they are unquestionably safe to ride and operate, which I’m sure his grandchildren love!” - Nick Weisenberger, author of Coasters101, and Engineer's guide to Roller Coaster Design

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